17 thoughts on “10 kW Electric bicycle pusher project

  1. No offense but a motor attached to a new drive on the opposite side of your
    wheel that just pulls the chain would but much easier and more efficient.

  2. Instead of a centrifugal clutch, maybe you should have tried direct drive
    with a freewheel wither on the wheel or output shaft?

  3. i would like to see it working from the other side… not from that point
    of wiew. But it is good… very good. And clever

  4. This is amazing and I cant wait to do it. Would you be willing (I know this
    is asking a lot) to post links for each individual piece you used for this
    please? Also, if you can include the throttle setup that would help too! I
    want to make this exactly how you have it so the more detail you can
    provide the better. Thanks a ton!

  5. To make things worse, if the voltage is for example 48v as my motor you
    need 208.33A for 10kw – 10.000w (208.33Ampere is WAY too much, you need a
    thump-like cable)

  6. right your e bike… but this isnt an ebike motor, this is a RC Plane
    motor. They are built different with less coils, they can handle a lot more
    current in smaller size, but are also extreamly fast e.g. at least
    10.000rpm, wich is waaay to much… and they arent that efficient in lower

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