22 thoughts on “2012 Volton Alation Electric Bike Review

  1. You actually buy the bikes and then sell them? Do you get special deals?
    You would think that the manufacturers would at least let you borrow their
    bikes for reviews?

  2. Man, that looks like a lot of work putting that together! My Prodeco
    Genesis 500 came with the front wheel on, all you had to do was put on the
    seat and handlebars and pump the tires. And for $1000 cheaper than the
    Alation with it’s rattley battery cover it’s a no brainer. Is that a
    geared motor? It really is noisy! Much noisier than my Prodeco bike.

  3. I’m on the fence for a Volton EL Legs. I want some exercise while
    commuting to work without getting sweaty. The 250w motor seems perfect for
    me. Your video may have just sold them another bike!

  4. Please !! Somebody help this guy., he needs advice on video
    production.,having said that., ” I love this guy., one of the best at this
    ” but let us get these reviews down

  5. This bike has 48v and 11ah battery and BH’s easy motion(neo cross) has 36v
    and 9ah battery.So is this makes big difference in performance?Which bike
    is better of two.?And which one do you reccomend.please answer.Thank you
    very much.

  6. I don’t work for these companies and have received zero compensation, this
    is just my opinion. I liked the Volton Alation more than the Stromer Sport.
    I’m excited to check out the Volton EL Legs too at some point, it’s more of
    a road bike. Again, I’m factoring price into my considerations here.

  7. To bad the rims color dont match the battery cover . I go for the black and
    orange. The best bike so far on my search. good price,nice looking and good

  8. I love your “hit and miss” reviews. The price of the Volton is way more
    reasonable than the Stromer. The size of the rear hub motor is small enough
    that at a quick glance no one would know that it’s an ebike. Unfortunately,
    because the motor is geared, it’s noisier than a Stromer. Personally, I
    don’t like drawing attention to myself when riding around the lake and
    sharing the path with pedestrians.

  9. but this bike only has 7 gears the stromer has 27 and deore deraluers 105
    crank hydraulic brakes components are much better what is the real top
    speed and distance out of the bike thanks i need one to go up lots of hills
    and do 25 mile round trip thanks

  10. Check out the link in the description for the full writeup on this bike. I
    really liked it and rated 4.5/5 because of the price and combination of
    tech they used. It rides smoother than the Stromer because of the off road
    tires and shock and is way more powerful. It doesn’t coast as well and the
    battery topper thing isn’t made as well so I taped mine on and just leave
    the battery in 😉

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