20 thoughts on “2012 Zero DS Motorcycle Review – An electric bike worth talking about

  1. No offense to the reviewer, but that was a crap video. Watching someone
    buzz by with their leg hanging out did nothing for me.
    On that note; ebikes are the future. put that in the bank.

  2. These electrics will take over the market in ten years. They will be under
    $10k, go 300 miles on a charge, and do 0-60 in 2 secs. 

  3. Did I hear 33 inch crotch clearance required ? He didn’t seem that tall.
    And how come the demo driver kept putting his left leg out going around
    that bend ? 

  4. Hi i startad on a electric scooter how is baseek a electric bicycle and i
    love it but distans sock big time so i add too soler panels of 2amps ech
    and now my bike is chage all the time and att night onder a street light it
    chages olso no more extention cordes best $60.00 i have spant 8-D

  5. STOP DROPPING YOUR FOOT. If your sneaker hits the ground you’ll likely snap
    your ankle, and if you are over-leaning you aren’t going to be able to
    support yourself with your leg. Learn how to ride.

  6. Your argument doesn’t make sense. If you didn’t spend the $11,500 on this
    bike, given that you are buying a motorcycle, you’ll spend it on a petrol
    bike. Then spend more money for gas. Electric is cheaper in the long run,
    fact. Unless you’re buying some crappy sub $10,000 bike.

  7. That is one ugly looking bike, it looks like one of those dodgy Chinese
    imports with aload of random bits shoved on it, does that rear end need to
    be that odd?

  8. I think I’m mechanically qualified enough to make a judgement on motorcycle
    maintenance (take a look at my YouTube). Compared to a gas bike there are
    no: oil/coolant/gear oil changes, primary drive adjustment, valve
    adjustments, filters, plugs, radiators/cooling fins, worries about stale
    fuel, charging system, starting battery, oil/coolant/fuel lines, and likely
    some stuff I’m forgetting. 100 miles is fine for me where my other vehicles
    are my primary means of transportation.

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