2013 Organic Transit ELF Video Review – Solar Powered Electric Bike with Canopy and Cargo Holds

2013 Organic Transit ELF Video Review - Solar Powered Electric Bike with Canopy and Cargo Holds

http://electricbikereview.com/organic-transit/2013-elf/ The Organic Transit ELF was launched on Kickstarter in 2013 as a solar powered electric bike. It’s bu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 thoughts on “2013 Organic Transit ELF Video Review – Solar Powered Electric Bike with Canopy and Cargo Holds

  1. I have an Actionbent recumbent trike which I really like and also a Catrike
    I enjoy. I’m not sure I like the Elfs riding geometry, comfort-wise. It
    doesn’t seem recumbent enough for real comfort, and it doesn’t produce the
    usual recumbent power when your back pushes against the seat as you peddle
    hard tranlating to real power at the pedal,, almost as good as standing up
    on a normal bike. It seems semi-recumbent which is a drawback to the
    human-bike interface on this. But most likely a necessary design
    compromise, considering its many virtues. A similar people mover in a more
    recumbent style would be legitimate goal I think. I believe there are
    cheaper knockoffs of the Elf out there which could be easily homebrewed
    into a similarly effective (probably more) people-mover. A nice retirement

  2. That battery is high end for a normal electric bike, but for this it’s
    kinda small.
    Will you be making a video of the newer model ?

    Also is it just me or does that front logo look like the Tata logo ? and
    speaking of Tata, they make a car for around half the price of this
    electric bike http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tata_Nano

  3. Cool thing but I do not think it is worth that price. It seems pretty
    cheaply built from this glance. Maybe I just don’t like it…

  4. I really like the cvt. I have been stuck at the beginning of a really steep
    incline finding myself in the wrong gear on other bikes just getting ready
    to shift down but couldn’t because I had to panic stop for some reason-
    obstruction in the road, somebody in my way, etc. Trying to shift down
    while trying to pedal with a lot of torque on my crank trying to move up
    the hill starting from a dead stop often results in slipping the chain. Of
    course I then go home and adjust my derailleur to try to avoid that but
    I’ve had it happen more than once in my biking life. Sometimes had to turn
    around to get the bike moving so I could shift down and then start back up,
    of course after I stopped to put the chain back on. With the cvt click,
    click go. Even with a motor backing you up I think it matters.

  5. If I drove this where I’m from, people would break out the windows out of
    spite. Even in my dad’s Honda Insight he gets flipped off and tailgated
    daily. 🙁 

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