24 thoughts on “2014 Mission Motorcycles Mission RS – Jay Leno’s Garage

  1. I’m honestly shocked that it only cost $29 grand. Pretty fucking impressive
    and what a looker that bike is.

  2. I want this one so badly but I somehow feel that a gas motorcycle is safer
    due to the noise it makes. I feel like people will kill me on the road if
    they don’t hear a loud engine.

  3. I wish people would wise up on what regen is really all about: you don’t
    gain much (maybe 3% in recharge from it)… think about it: the output of
    regen is always going to be less than what was put in to get it to speed…
    even so, if you charged up at the top of a huge long winding road and then
    “regened” down that road and it took you 1 hour to reach the bottom, you
    get 1 hour of charge. Realistically you won’t use regen for that long…
    regen is best used as a smooth e-brake, something I have used on my custom
    e-bikes and scooters without regard to the recharge it hands back… no…
    it’s a nice, smooth brake.

  4. Great observation on the heat not coming up through the bike! I also dig
    the companies desire to “future proof” the bike by doing future drop in
    battery options!

    For the price of $29k, it’s pretty reasonable really. Comparable Ducati
    setups with similar brakes and suspension run $22k. Really… not all that

    I wonder how much multiple battery packs would cost, and if they could hold
    up to multiple track sessions, or the smaller battery charge quick so only
    three and a generator would be needed… ironically though the generator
    would run on gas, heh.

  5. Yes, the internal combustion engine is flawed as so many of our machines
    are but simplicity robs the user of a complete experience. The balance
    between efficiency and power is the essence of auto racing. Without the ICE
    you can kiss that good stuff goodbye. 

  6. I hope it activates the brake light when it engine-brakes because, if it
    doesn’t, then that’s a danger right there. Cars don’t see the brake light,
    bam! Seems like an awesome bike! Can’t way to see the sport-touring models

  7. “Like the Tesla car, most electrics don’t have high top speed because you
    are just using too much energy.”

    So many people get that wrong. It has 160 HP; that is plenty to go really
    fast, it just doesn’t have the gearing to go that speed. The motor has an
    RPM limit. Depending on the output gear ratio (which is constant since it
    has no transmission), this sets the top speed. Same thing for the Tesla.
    You could put a simple transmission on it, but if you can go all the way up
    to 130 MPH without it, then their isn’t much reason to add it. It would
    just add weight unnecessarily.

    Also, if you let an electric bike sit for 10 years, the battery may not be
    able to hold much of a charge. It is true that you don’t get all of the
    other degradation associated with leaving a gasoline vehicle sitting

  8. I would seriously consider this as a viable alternative to normal bike. I
    like the idea they have about upgradable battery system, now just make it
    so that you can switch the battery pack at a charge up station located at
    your gas station and we are golden !

  9. Looks great!.. But a big beefy YAMAHA or SUZUKI sticker on the tank would
    look even more awesome.. just a tip… ;-P

  10. Checked the site yesterday,RS goes for 75K

    I guess those gas charged ohlins TTX everything adds up plus the battery
    pack itself must run like 7K

  11. Ohh my god Mr.Leno i laughed out so loud when i heard you stated talking
    under your helmet at the beginning of your test ride simply because i was
    able to hear you. Most of the time when i ride i can’t even hear my self
    think, (but maybe that is what makes riding a motorcycle mentally
    therapeutic/rejuvenating for me, not having to think, and just follow
    instinct, reflexes, and coordination, then slowdown to enjoy the view.).

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