25 thoughts on “2014 Zero Electric motorcycles overview of all bikes AND PRICE DROPS!!!

  1. Heres a question. Would you recommend these for a new rider? I haven’t
    ridden a bike in 20+ years and thinking of getting one of these as a my new
    new rider bike.

  2. $9000 for the FX I really gotta get one then as a nice quiet commuter bike.
    I really hope Zero sells well so they can stick around. Also cool that they
    are an US company making more sporty looking bikes too.

  3. so these electric bikes have no clutch and shifting gears?? just using the
    throttle, brakes and you are on the way..?

  4. I think even Harley Davison have to think twice about their overpriced
    e-mototcycles that haven’t make it to to the market yet. Around 30 gran as
    ZERO is around half price than Harley Davison version. Only advantage for
    Harley Davison over ZERO, they have local dealers as ZERO for now, without
    local dealer in USA & world. 1 choice, maybe piggy-back off local Honda
    Motorcycle Dealers with new well trained technicians. I will think about
    it, after you guys launch our local dealers. After this will happen, even
    Harley Davison will be force to really drop this price from $30,000 to less
    than $20,000.

  5. i think the reality of electric vehicles in general is that the range is
    actually HALF of the full range because i still dont see people fully
    charging these things at wherever they are going… so if they claim
    100mile range then its actually 50 cause you have to get back! which is
    still pretty dam good

  6. Zero…if your reading the comments. Please make a bike that looks as
    awesome as the gas powered crotch rockets. I get the whole weight savings
    thing, but seriously my 7 year old R6 smokes your bikes in looks. Not sure
    how much of the population buys a bike just for gas milage aline, but you
    gotta up the aesthetics. The range is exciting but the looks kill the buzz
    your trying to build. 

  7. My country road is so noisy in the summer from all the harleys going by, I
    doubt those riders would give up the noise but it sure and hell would make
    my day if they were on e bikes

  8. I don’t think the fact that you build your own batteries and motors is a
    plus. Let motor and battery manufacturers spend the time money and energy
    perfecting it while you perfect the bike. Trying to do it all means none of
    it is done exceptionally well.

    Also… It’s impossible to get a dealer to call me. It’s almost like they
    don’t want to sell these.

  9. haha these are pretty cool but 1 hour and 8 hours off normal outlet to
    charge? i’ll still stick with the 30 secs it takes to pump gas 

  10. Zero SR. What a beast. I want one soo bad. For that to happen though, I
    need money, more muscle and a license. :/

  11. Bloody incredible! 110 ft/lbs of torque? That’s up there with the big
    Harleys, except it occurs at zero revs. Great to see electric starting to
    take its place in real, exciting transport. Kudos to Zero for having such a
    great line up at a competitive price. Very impressive.

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