4409 — 7 Police Cars to Detain Man on Electric Bike…WTF

4409 -- 7 Police Cars to Detain Man on Electric Bike...WTF

PLEASE spread this video to all your contacts these Pirates cannot continue to get away with this harassment and extortion. Call the Squaw Peak District Phoenix Pirate Department (602) 495-5007…

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23 thoughts on “4409 — 7 Police Cars to Detain Man on Electric Bike…WTF

  1. I’m from Australia, and I have watched hundreds of clips from the US and in
    98% of clips, the cops you have over there are the dumbest morons on mass I
    have witnessed in my life, the level they are willing to stoop to, just to
    collect revenue, or not look stupid when the are “being fucking stupid”
    blows my mind. The sad part, apart from the entire clip, is that this shit
    is happening across the planet now. Morons with badges, little fragile
    ego’s with low IQ mob mentality.

  2. OK Folks, here’s how ya do it to nail the cops to the
    courthouse wall and collect a check for more than if ya worked a regular
    job for 40 years and saved every penny. Gather up 4 or 5 friends that wanna
    get rich fast and legal. They should have some balls and know how to work a
    camcorder. 4 camcorders with telephoto lenses. One cell camera as bait. 4
    wireless microphones and a couple parabolic microphones. 4 tripods. Battery
    packs for extended shooting time. Now set up a situation like, taking
    pictures or video of a courthouse or cop shop and when the cops show up
    stand up for your rights. Literally tell them to eat shit and then have
    some more. When the cops get busy on the good guy they don’t know the other
    4 cameras are zoomed into the action and your buddy has the wireless mic on
    as he’s getting the shit kicked out of him. Somebody is also working the
    parabolic mics cuz the cops may break the wireless mic as they pommel your
    friend with those small baseball bats they call batons. The cops actually
    use them on each other as dildos. They don’t clean them so they can sniff
    them during their shift. No matter what happens Do Not let the cops know
    about the other cameras. Ya gotta keep it an absolute secret from everyone.
    After the dust has settles and time passes, maybe a week or 2 or a month
    even, the cops have written their reports, made their statements to
    internal affairs and cop investigation, told the bull shit story to the
    press and all that stuff, pass muster with the Chief of Police or whomever
    and they’re all slapping each other on the back and buying each other beers
    at the cop slop shop, snorting busted, stolen from the evidence room,
    cocaine and reefer. Then when the right time happens all of a sudden the
    audio/ video from 4 different angles is on the evening local news, but only
    after they, the networks, buy the rights to show it. Don’t Give It Away.
    The cops are gonna be in a lot of trouble including the top cop, when it
    comes out they planted evidence, false reports, conspiracy to do this and
    that and everything you can throw at’em, their careers are down the tubes
    like so many of the people they did this to before they ran into this
    situation. After the city/ county/ state pays off in the millions you can
    use that money to fund more groups and before ya’no it there are thousands
    of groups all around the country, hundreds in the major cities, getting
    cops busted, charged with every crime they commit, prison time, forfeiture
    of their property, their lives and families ruined, divorces happen and
    their lives are over, suicide next which is best. In order to be a cop you
    must be mentally unstable from that point there’s no reason to try to
    figure them out. I’ll let ya nowhere to send my finder’s fee when ya get
    the payoff. jz469

  3. In California, electric bikes are considered like reg. Bicycles. Can go on
    road or sidewalk. If on road, you have to obey traffic laws, if on
    sidewalk….you have to wait at crosswalks and walk the bike across.
    Probably the same in Az.
    Remember people…cops aren’t only out of control when dealing with
    minorities….they are out of control for everyone now. 7 cars for 1 ebike?

  4. You must have been a very bad person. I mean actually using a vehicle that
    requires either human power or electrical power tend to piss off those
    asshats that depend on the unwashed masses buying gasoline. You know that
    these people depend on your contributions in order to afford their villas
    in France or Spain. What were you thinking? Shame on you for not being a

  5. Most Slops have little knowledge of what laws exist they are given “Policy
    Books” that govern how they do their jobs and have no idea of what law/s
    you are violating just that you are not allowed to do x,y or z and I really
    liked Z!

  6. how pathetic are these cops ?? the man should have asked how much they get
    paid an hour , because whatever it is its too much , the Police are public
    servants whos job it is to serve the people and protect them from law
    breakers and to keep the peace, and not go out in gangs to pick soft
    targets , even though they are armed most of them are cowards and bullies
    . The average intelligence of these cops would be on a par with a 10 year
    old , they are poorly trained , ignore the law even the bit they know which
    is not a lot, in short these Police are a joke, and the rest of us outside
    the USA now get to see how corrupt , stupid and cowardly American cops
    are . PATHETIC

  7. Fucking moron cops, your tax dollars not at work. To protect and to serve.
    they are your public servants.

  8. Do criminals have an agreement with Police to commit no crimes on Sundays?
    All these idle Police officers could use these slow days to build some
    bridges with the people they Police, by inviting the people to community
    halls and having informal discussions about crimes and Police conduct. The
    monies they save on petrol that would have otherwise been consumed when
    driving around looking for people to harass – could be spent on coffee,
    sodas and sandwiches to be served at Police and residents meetings.

  9. You must of had priors for them to get so excited or on hitlist from
    gov.com/mafia.highway or sumtin . That duct tape holding seat on could be
    it lol? And you always see oh oh we are understaffed need more money

  10. Man ask difficult question! Me no know answer… he seem OK, maybe we kill
    him, I feel threatened now, bang, bang……

  11. Did any one of these officers turn to a comrade and ask, “What the Hell are
    we doing here?” I generally support the police, but this is ridiculous!

  12. On the way to church? Bullshit! This guy had something to hide and these
    cops are suspicious of something he did either that day or earlier that
    Especially if you use god to try and get your way out of a ticket!

  13. That’s definitely stupid but hey I could see a police helicopter flying
    overhead if I could see that now that took the cake

  14. I’m sorry, I was laughing my ass off to this one. Look at them all just
    standing there like lost puppies.

  15. No no no no nope. That’s not what it’s about. You look like a creep, you
    talk like a creep and they’re actually concerned more about you committing
    horrible sexual acts.

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