50 MPH 52v Electric Mountain Bike

50 MPH 52v Electric Mountain Bike

http://voltbicycles.com This is our Alite 1000 Electric Mountain bike powered by a black lighting brushless rear hub electric motor with a 52v battery system…
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17 thoughts on “50 MPH 52v Electric Mountain Bike

  1. Love it.
    Would like to get one for my son and myself, and ride around.
    The website is getting jquery errors, says to upgrade to jquery 1.3

  2. This is a disgrace to mountain biking. the only way this is acceptable is
    if you have no legs, or you are too old/weak to pedal. This is PATHETIC.
    Buncha asshole out there these days. 

  3. Great view at the end. Where is that park? When and if the SHTF this might
    be one the best ways to get around the back roads safely. Conserving your
    physical energy and being able to charge your bike with a portable solar
    panel makes this one the most efficient ways to travel. You need to rethink
    this more carefully ccccccc. No gas, no insurance, no registration and no
    license. Not a bad option to have for now also! 

  4. +bradscottphotography where can I buy this bike? And can you ride this
    bike with just the electric power and not pedaling??????????

  5. I want one of these so Bad!!! 2 to 3,000 dollars for one of these…..
    maybe I’ll get the conversion kit….. Do they have one that charges the
    batteries as you pedal?

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