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  1. Hi Mark, thank you, I’d better download the following video. The lead acid really seems to have the range. I get about 30 km, if I take it easy, but Wennes charge I can load them as a package with a maximum current set three kommtAmps, if it was easy (I hope :)) for decision load are the son of batteries that individuals charged if it is only 12 volts (or 13.7V) available Chargers

  2. Hey John, I think you have a large battery, I have to finish, dieGewicht My battery is 33 pounds or 15 kg. I’d be curious to see how it performs in the long run .. I have a battery now is a bit reserved, a full load in the time it usually takes anzunehmen.Viel luck there 🙂

  3. Hi buddy asked how u went with the wiring. I also have to think about the source of the replacement battery and wonder if esarbeitete, how good and how do you charge? Brand thank you

  4. Oh one thing I’ve noticed that the old batteries ofterhalten lead in the car by the vehicle alternator charge, and I wonder if we consider könntedass as fresh top-up, perhaps? My old Jeep Wrangler had the same battery acid leadership in it for seven years, it is said that the chances of now fail 🙂 Oh I found a cheaper source than the gold engine LiFeO4Batterien. I went zualibaba.com/product-gs/375819115/36V_Frog_LiFePO4_Battery.html I see an email ComplaintsYou what they say,

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