18 thoughts on “Beach Cruiser Custom Trike, the “Transformer”

  1. I personally work in 2011 Lento electric hybrid Bicyle a beautiful Men Like Never get one day I wake up. 09/05/14 ….

  2. Tricycle totally awesome. the craft is lifted. Thank you fürposte this video, this is the stuff dreams are made of!

  3. Sorry, but I’m 71 years old and now retired. I actually built my bike for retirement years cruising walks and my exercize. I lovines !!

  4. You have my respect people do not even know it’s hard work, too bauenFahrrad like that. the details of how the pinstriping and Crome, production of sweat and dedication ….. especially when atencion retail!

  5. So I think you should ride a bike for the production or at least buy these forks I need 3 of them right now, and these levers are awesome

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