1. This seems like it would be a great video if it had sound (after 25 seconds
    – Windows 7 Ultimate, Chrome browser)

  2. Miguel Grande, Google will not allow me to respond to you, maybe you don’t
    have the option set? Anyways, Google sucks, they are a bunch of
    untrustworthy people, that trash their service more and more as they make
    changes to interface etc. You should remove Google Chrome, just a bunch of

  3. Research. Without it. Nothing would ever have been built. Its a pain and
    infinitely long. Thats research. Everybody loves/hates research. Its
    definitely a love hate relationship all the way through. You love the
    aquisition of knowledge up until it become overwhelming. At which point you
    hit a hate wall.

  4. I’m building my own ebike with a 750W winch motor. The motor cost around
    90$. With a 10+ year old gel cell battery, I was able to reach a top speed
    of about 33km/h. The range on a single charge was less then 5-10 kms
    because the battery is so old. Maybe with a newer battery the top speed
    will be a little faster and the range will improve a lot more. I also
    bought a small pump to cool the motor. I hope to complete the bike by the
    end of the summer and post the results on youtube.

  5. Thx! Bought the TresTerra Europa Electric Bicycle used/cheap, but the
    Lithium battery that came with was bad?(2-3 miles per charge), replaced it
    with a new 10A for $400, but I only get 7-8 miles per charge, when 15 miles
    should be. . I wonder if the brushes in the Heintzman hub motor are no
    good, that’s why the poor millage? I heard these Lithium Polymer batteries
    are only good for 3 years or so, vs. LiFePO4 last longer.

  6. If you would have seen my channel years ago, you would have seen many more
    tutorial videos, kind of unfortunate that I removed them, but my conscience
    told me so. I feed them much less nowadays.

  7. The only thing I don’t like about gear drives is that you really need a
    good dérailleur, however, there’s a new hub now that solves that problem. 1
    gear, no dérailleur, and automatic and / or standard shifting, through the
    wheel hub. It’s still quite new and depending on the gearing you want, can
    range from 100 to above 400$

  8. I love gear drive because of the torque. One gear drive motor can easily be
    made equivalent to 2 hubs in torque. If you go with a Nexus, they make
    automatic shifters, some with manual option as well. Depending how many
    gears you want, it can range from around 100 to 400$. I never tried one but
    I am super interested in it. It means that I only have one sprocket for the
    rear, no more dérailleurs ever, and some of them are completely sealed
    unlike the old style cassettes and bearings.

  9. Greetings, Anybody know how many hour the Heintzman (Heintzmann?) motors
    will last before brushes have to be replaced, and/or motor lifespan? I
    don’t know of any Heinzmann motor that has worn out or worn out it’s
    brushes. I have seen test Heinzmann motors in Germany with tens of
    thousands of kilometers of test on them that still had >75% of their
    brushes intact. Heinzmann claims you will never have to replace the
    brushes: Answer: They are like any other brushed motor, brushes will need
    to be..

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