5 thoughts on “Bicycle Review: Schwinn Men’s Ranger 26″ Mountain Bike – Cheap and Fun to Ride

  1. I have an older 2006 grey model. one of the things I love about it is its
    held up through the years. I also like the handles that are on the side of
    the handlebars, which newer bikes seem not to have anymore. they are good
    for holding my bags on the handlebars.

  2. Great review. I appreciate keeping it basic for those of us who dont know a
    lot about riding. On my way to buy one now!! :D

  3. Thank you for posting this. I saw the Women’s version online and I was
    thinking of getting it just to ride to the beach. I read in the reviews
    that the bike has a quick release front tire which is what I was hoping to
    find. Does yours have that? 

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