17 thoughts on “Bike E Recumbent with Ecospeed Mid Drive electric motor

  1. Thanks. I just called Tad. Holy MOLY!! $4,000. Unfortunately that’s a
    show-stopper for me. That’s what I paid for my car, and I can’t ride the
    bike year-round in New England weather. But thanks for the info! Don’t let
    your bike get stolen, or let the motor & battery get unbolted and removed
    while parked!

  2. I have a 2002 Bike E CT that I want to add a motor to. Can you please tell
    me what motor you bough, and where I might find it. Also, this video was
    from a few years ago. Did the battery and motor hold up after a few years?

  3. The windshield is called windwrap. They are available for for most
    recumbents. If you search for “windwrap fairing” you will be able to look
    up one for your bike.

  4. I have the same exact GPS I bought awhile ago and never used it.Anyone
    interested in one at a reasonable price ? Basically brand new.

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