20 thoughts on “Blue Moon Bikes Classic Schwinn Sting-Ray Krate Museum

  1. dude i would die in that musium. i love the old krates and stingrays. im
    only 13, i was born in the wroung time. i should of been born in the 50’s.
    i have a quistion, will there be anouther krate fest, and can u bring old
    fasbacks to it?

  2. Pacific Cycles bought out Schwinn and manufacturing is now done in China.
    The best of the repops were the 98′-99′ Krates that was made in Taiwan. The
    welding was same as the Chicago made Schwinns.

  3. Hello. My name is Johnnie Dorman, born Aug. 7 1954, and yes, you were born
    too late. LOL! I am a Schwinn Stingray collector, I own nine Stingrays that
    range from 1963 to a 1973 Sunset Orange Krate. I hope you get this message,
    since you left this message I found here four years ago. That would mean
    that you are seventeen years old now. I graduated from high school in 1973,
    and that’s why I wanted to own a 1973 Schwinn Stingray Krate. Glad to see
    your interest. Go to “ZiggyboyBulletDotCom”

  4. Blue Moon Bikes presents Kratefest every summer, we will post next years
    date as soon as they are confirmed. You can bring any classic bike you wish!

  5. only the rich kids had schwins where I lived as a kid. the rest of us had
    kmart or western auto stingray knockoffs. Parents had no problem saying
    “no” back in the late 60s / early 70s. A real stingray made you instantly

  6. I use to have a chopper when i was a kid i got it from a car boot sale for
    a £10 it got robbed a few weeks later of having it and returned but i
    dumped it as it was wrecked but about 11 years or so later i found out it
    was worth a couple grand gutted

  7. Wow. I never thought Illinois had anything to offer, but now I have to go
    there. I remember Captain Kangaroo ( 1:00 ) pushed Schwinn Bikes and later
    Stingrays on his show. The stingray and especially the Krates, were the
    best bikes ever made in the world. Oh Sorry Day for you if you never got to
    ride one.

  8. Just finishing up, ran out of room in the last comment? Yeah!!! Man!!! I’m
    so JAZZ!!! I’m gonna modifiy it a little? Just a little ! I’m gonna convert
    the shifter to a “Pistol Grip” shifter, and call it the `Cuda Krate, and
    show it off with my FY1 Lemon Twist `1970 `Cuda, at all the Mopar Car
    Shows. My `Cuda is Bad Ass!!! Now, its more Bad Ass with my Lemon Twist
    “`Cuda Krate,” right next to it.. Later. Work hard and follow your
    dreams… They do come true at times??? Dvs`Cuda

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