Cheap, Bright, Reliable LED Lights for DirtBike MOD

Amazon Link to Spot 8 Degree LED Amazon Link to LED 18 watt Flood LED Amazon Link to Combo LED Spot/Flood Amazon Link to LED …
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6 thoughts on “Cheap, Bright, Reliable LED Lights for DirtBike MOD

  1. Great info thanks, can you explain how to wire in the rectifier to the
    bikes factory AC input ??

  2. are they still working ? and can you give a tutorial on how to install
    them? all that ac, dc thing was confusing thanks before hand!

  3. I’ve finally found someone else who loves lights on there bikes! More
    videos please. Check out the Chinese 4000 lumen led bicycle lights they are
    insanely bright and very cheep. You mount them to the handle bars. 4 CREE
    LEDS. You can fund them on eBay or Amazon.

  4. This is great. Lighting is very expensive. It”s nice that you have
    explained how to do it on any budget. Wish I had this when I was riding

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