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    do not order this bike !! ! Inaccurate entry 16th June 2014
    This review is from: Currie Technologies gentlemen commuters EZIP SLA Trailz electric bike, 17-inch / One Size (Sports)
    Warning This bike is no original packaging set by Currie you are “losers” of about $ 500 from the battery when you purchase this particular item do not Get the latest addition to the improved version of the same price! . you lose hundreds of dollars worth ordering this bike. Go to the place W First Amazon CS !!! handled this situation very friendly and helpful to me. This bike is designed for home happen tomorrow, but after re-reading the description, I realized that I do not know that I had ordered made bike. The wheel assembly is Trailz commuters but in the photo, you’ll see they have the old model of lead battery installed. Not only will you be disappointed with the performance, you will also find that on the first $ 699 is actually not a good deal. The EZIP share Trailz suburbs comes with the new lithium battery – lighter and more powerful. Unfortunately, they have confused their information in the description and I the mistake of buying this. Amazon contacted UPS for me and put the program on hold. It will go five days and Amazon will pay me. If for some reason Amazon can contact me and tell me that they sold the wrong picture and false description, and in fact, this is the EZ-TRZCOM-BK by Currie Technologies with bumpers, chain guard, and battery Lithium I’d be happy to go to UPS to pick up the bike and start riding it. Otherwise, I fear that it is practically a scam. You can an expensive product like this not labeled with the name of the original company and mix and parties. This is unethical and is only problem for Amazon, and controls this case and opens the box. Incidentally … if you open the box, it is not removed, because the batteries are classified as “dangerous.” Amazon CS – you are always impressive. Please contact me as soon as possible if there are changes. If you also like the photo of commuters Currie Trailz eye on the site. You will see that the lithium battery is different.


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    5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon never failed me yet , 21 June 2014
    This review is from: Currie Technologies gentlemen commuters EZIP SLA Trailz electric bike, 17-inch / One Size (Sports)
    So I’m this bike, it had mounted and he gave a test drive …. it would not move through most of the gears. The rear derailleur hanger was bent, I guess in shipping happened. Instead of going through enormous pain to take the bike apart and repackage for return,


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