25 thoughts on “Cool electric assist bike

  1. LMAO I don’t think he was being ‘assisted’ at all. I think it was a
    ‘scalping’ fair and square! No need to get the hump on about it Mikey!
    Happens to the best of us! He he πŸ˜‰

  2. I think not being able to keep up with the traffic flow in X years time
    would put me off cycling. But perhaps we will have ‘gone Dutch’ by then as
    well as having run out of oil.

  3. I would be tempted if I had a long urban commute – just so long as it
    didn’t suddenly become a lump when the battery went flat …

  4. I agree, better an e-bike than a car. I don’t believe you can sneak past
    the law in the way you suggest. You’re breaking it, and if you’re in a
    crash your bike will be examined, and your illegal setup will be
    discovered. Worse, it’ll slaughter any claim you might have, and may well
    end up in you having to pay out big time. I hope you have third party
    insurance, and that that insurance isn’t invalidated by your illegal setup,
    right? Aaaahahahahaha at the idea that you’re more visible than I am!

  5. Yup, really. It’s incredibly steep. On the other hand your climbs are
    probably rather longer, and there are more of them per unit distance.

  6. Getting around the regs doesn’t make you legal. Plus my commute is a 45
    mile round trip with some big climbs, so you’ll still run out of battery.

  7. Those who cannot cycle? Sure, there are some, but the vast majority of the
    population here could cycle just fine, but they don’t out of choice.

  8. his bike lacks full suspension which at 20 mph + speeds must be very
    uncomfortable, potholes at this speeds are catastrophic . My bike is cooler
    . watch?v=2BOPmABrUIU

  9. 15 mph electric bicycles are not worth it. I do between 12-15 mph on my
    commute so not a lot of difference except that all the power was from me,
    so more satisfaction and I’m losing the flab at the same time.

  10. I do think the restriction is daft. They should raise it to at least 20, 20
    is absolutely fine I’m sure. At least that way the assist will equal as
    fast as some cyclists go on the flat without power; this should help less
    mobile people such as injury sufferers get back onto their bike. Germany
    has a special e-bike license allowing you to go up to 30, hopefully one day
    the UK does this too.

  11. Come on you lot. Hills are what its ALL about. I mean, it’s not like you
    live in Norway or something; only flat England. πŸ™‚

  12. I’m looking at fitting legal electric assist to a bike for my wife. With
    this to help on the hills, she’ll be able to do more cycling, including
    with groups and/or myself. If/when her fitness improves, the electrics can
    go on ebay.

  13. Just street viewed it and I can see what you mean. Quite a nice place to
    ride, though. Have a look at (google street view) Ingierstrandveien in
    Norway. Not a lot of traffic and pretty good training areas.

  14. Same here. They are huge in parts of China I understand. It is a far better
    option than buying a moped with the cost that comes with them. It puzzles
    me that so much is made of making electric cars usable when a very high
    percentage of those who cannot cycle for whatever reason could use one of
    these for their commute. Just the world’s obsession with 4 wheels I suppose.

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