15 thoughts on “Cordless Electric Drill Switch DC Motor Control

  1. that looks like 130volt treadmill motor…..youare running it on how many
    volts? 24V? through the drill trigger, ow many watts/hp are you get from
    treadmill motor? they are like 2HP or more at 130 v, what is it putting
    out for you at lower volts?

  2. I took the electronics from the treadmill I dismantled, now I have a very
    powerful ac to dc variable motor controll.glued grinding stones to the
    flywheel and now have variable speed grinder.

  3. Hey it took me a while to find this for you. You may already know of this
    one but I thought of you and looked it up. Check out The Gravitylight” It’s
    a cool idea on an old theory. Tried to send you the link but couldn’t. You
    can also find it on Wikipedia.

  4. Oh wow, I’ll be watching to see how you end up using it. Yep, there really
    are lots of options, but the journey is always the best. Keeps my very old
    brain cells working too! LOL

  5. 21.4 amps, which is pretty high. I’d need some heavy gauge wire if I was to
    come close to that, but I’m not going to. I have an ebike motor controller
    coming from China. Might be here next week.

  6. Well, we’re making progress. I bought a motor controller and throttle for
    this project, but it’s good to know I have options. Thanks very much for
    your support. I appreciate it.

  7. Or I could put a platter, needle, and amplifier on it, and make an
    industrial strength turntable for 1950s ’78’s. I can picture the whole
    thing right now. True oldtime R&R revival, and nothing to stop it except
    Bustin’ Jeeber! It couldn’t miss. Seriously, I’m not that far ahead of you
    when it comes to electricity. I know enough to be dangerous, and I mean
    that. I’m a decent builder, and can follow instructions, but I don’t know
    enough to innovate. I do my best to figure out what I want to do.

  8. Hey, put a platter on it and use it to model clay pots and bowls before the
    kiln. or not. I need to learn about basic electricity. Scares me too much
    though. I can wire recording studios and small voltage stuff but that’s it.

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