Cross Country Race Electric Bike

Racing Mitchell Cycle’s 2012 Zero MX electric dirt bike at Chicopee Ski in Kitchener Ontario for Motomotion’s XC championship tour. Video is one full lap of the 2 hour long race. Kill switch…

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20 thoughts on “Cross Country Race Electric Bike

  1. Fucking dirty racing, you’re such a POS, I dare you to stick around for the
    after race event, you’d get your fuckin ass beat so hard lol. You’re such a
    fucking piece of shit dude, I’d be ashamed to post this video.

  2. Anyone else looking in to electric bikes or have one? When I researched
    them before I did not think they were a viable replacement to gas power now
    I am starting to think it. Only problem I have is recharge time being so

  3. The other bikes sound like they were running across a field of bullfrogs.
    Or like they were passing gas….

  4. Great example of the differences in motors. Seemed superior through tight
    places requiring much better throttle control than average riders have. If
    gas bikes would be made so quiet like trials bikes are the USA might have
    more riding areas.

  5. Wait until they’re all electric. It revolutionized R/C airplanes.
    Performance went up and the lack of noise means that you can fly them
    plenty of places you couldn’t back when they were noisy. Exciting to see
    this video in my hometown!

    For what it’s worth, it’s quieter than my mountain bike (no wheezing

  6. better batteries, stronger and more efficient motors..what’s not to like on
    electric motorbikes? lack of roraring exhausts? i’d be more than happy with
    this knd of motorbike, but the price is still a killer :S.

  7. HAHAHA that horn tho. And when you yelled at that guy to trick him, and he
    looked back and you passed him, PERFECT

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