6 thoughts on “Cyclotricity Revolver cheap electric bike

  1. Cracking looking bike. Is it quite heavy? Ive got an ebike just now its
    about 25kg…which i think is pretty heavy.

  2. got one of these a couple of months ago… have done 250 miles .Had to
    adjust the front chainring to get it to change into low…although very
    rarely use the low gear…also have put a velcro strap round the battery to
    hold it firmer on the rough… runs great…sometimes do 20 mile round trip
    on it and longest run was 35 miles with the battery in last 1/4 at end but
    guess there was another 5 miles in it….great value for money…thoroughly
    recommend it for a value electric bike.

  3. ive had one of these for about 8 months love it to bits yeah you do get
    what you pay for i find it a bit creaky when i cycle hard but i really
    would recommend it for a first ebike but in saying that i would probably
    buy another model from the same place when the time comes, mine came in
    white though with black tints.

  4. I bought the Cyclotricity Stealth last month as I needed the disc brakes…
    must admit the revolver looks nicer :0) see it comes with the same horrible
    mudguards though!

  5. you can adjust the motor to cut out at anything up to 33kph (20 mph) but i
    run mine at 23 kph so motor is only working at lower speeds …ie when im
    working harder…

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