1. hey Smack Dude! In the end of the video you had a banner saying “Chris and
    I Tooling around the island on the E-bike” are you referring to a one of
    the Hawaiian islands. Thats were I am. :)

  2. With the batteries, frame, chairs, etc., were you able to find springs
    stiff enough for the rear shocks to handle the extra weight?

  3. @ZeroFossilFuel I changed the geometry of the suspension to reduce the
    leverage and compensate for the extra load. Combined with the fact the
    suspension is already stiff from the manufacturer, it actually turned out
    perfect with the stock springs.

  4. @EletrikRidesAgain Consider a “optional” flat-foldout trailer with hinged
    solar panels in an array….wouldn’t be too cute on the roll..Lol! but,
    could recharge and assist? just wait till i get my coffee! Nice job!

  5. @Wavefront101 Most likely not, since it would need some 2000w of solar
    power on demand, which is a lot of surface area – too much for this bike.
    But keep watching, I have a totally innovative green power source in mind
    for this project.

  6. Hey this is a very helpful video and project. I have an old Golfkart which
    I have called Zeta ev after the Lightburn Zeta Sports car that I have owned
    for over 30 years . I am using 36 volts for the electric motor and would
    like some advice as to the battrey chargers you are using as well as a
    portable Generator charger that I can tow along behind the Cart as well as
    a solar and Mains recharger system to demonstrate the principals you show
    here. Thake a look at my youtube site robinheath1 thanks

  7. @EletrikRidesAgain – great … its been too long since you did my show
    anyway so its about time … will discuss schedule privately with you but I
    am thinking Oct 13th if that fits your schedule …

  8. Wow, great project! A suggestion here, if you’re using solar cells, why not
    considering the use of “MPPT System”? I’m not that expert, go dig it up on
    the net! According to my understanding, it’s a type of DC-DC Converter
    which adjust its load according to the solar cells condition; to get the
    maximum power point transfer… Keep up the good work!

  9. Looks very nice! I wonder if you had enough solar power, could you due away
    with batteries and caps altogether, although it would only run during the

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