5 thoughts on “Dual Drive, (Mid-Drive & Hub Motor), Electric Hill Climber Bicycle

  1. shame that is so back heavy, on steep stuff it would probably flip back.
    it appears that you have locked out the rear suspension with the battery
    support? I am about to put a mid drive on my hub motor bike. can you tell
    me about the stress on the rear drive side side cover? they are known to
    rip off. also have you tried to change your cassette or open the hub to
    change bearings? from my understanding the thread on cassette will tighten
    to a point of no return.

  2. I have been looking for a video like this for a while now, I think you’re
    the only one that’s made the dual drive with mid drive and hub drive. I
    have been asking on other videos if anyone knew if this would work or not.
    Glad to see it does and thanks for the video too! 

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