19 thoughts on ““E-bike Survival” – Juiced One 48V – Electric folding Bicycle

  1. Hope they offer it in a version without batteries – I have plenty big LiPo
    (better / lighter) from RC helicopter I go faster get better range

  2. Funny you say that. I have some 15s 5000mah packs I use on my ebake that I
    used to use in my rc planes as well. They are much lighter and more
    powerful as you would already know.

  3. this is so clever, not only electric but folding allowing one to take it on
    a train or bus. Down with CARS!

  4. It almost can go faster then you can pedal. But I guess its good for 45
    miles at a fairly fast speed for a bike.

  5. You need a 36V(19mph)-48V(25mph) pack with a max of 20A on the controller.
    Programmable limits with the on-board computer. Standard Anderson
    connectors make connection easy. Range is about 15Wh/mile -cruise,
    30Wh/mile – getting after it.

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