4 thoughts on “E Zip Currie Schwinn 750 Chicago Suburbs ride

  1. Nice video. In your next one, please show the scooter first, and then also
    talk a little while you ride, maybe explaining where you are riding, etc. I
    have the eZip 1000 and love it. Thank you again.

  2. Hey my dad brought me two of them but I cannot find where to plug it in to
    charge it can u plz make a tutorial about the scooter

  3. Mine is great. this would be my forth summer riding it. I only had to
    change the tubes. Battery still going. Make sure you read about the correct
    way to charge the battery, most of the people will ruin it by not fully
    charging it during the winter etc.I think this scooter it’s a lot of fun.

  4. These things are awesome, ill be buying one soon…my older brother brought
    three of them to my house last week and got me addicted for life, this is a
    great video, post more!

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