16 thoughts on “Ebikes at Eurobike 2013 – Are Electric Bikes The Future?

  1. Anytime you make something easier, then yes technically you are being lazy.
    If exercising on this bike you will not get as fit if you keep using
    assist, if anything you’ll get worse. However, if you are using your ebike
    instead of a car for mid distance travel then you aren’t be lazy at all,
    quite the opposite actually. 

  2. This is indeed the future, for biking as a means of transportation. For
    those who are into the sport, this is a joke.

  3. Have to say I don’t get those who say you would have to be lazy to ride an
    ebike. Really? Do you ride every day to work and make shopping trips on
    your bike, or do just ride around in big pointless loops while wearing
    lycra to get exercise? The electrical equivalent of one gallon of gas can
    charge a typical ebike 100 times. Take a moment to do a thought experiment:
    what if I got an ebike and drove my car as little as possible?

  4. Recently purchased a secondhand Viking e-go folding electric bike. It works
    on the pedal assist method whereby when I pedal it assists me with one of
    three settings low medium or high. 10mph- 13mph -15.5mph or I can turn
    assist off and cycle as a normal bike. I am in my 40’s and wanted a mode of
    transport for getting to and from work/town and around my neighbourhood
    that was cost effective without having to pay for fuel insurance tax mot
    etc. Ebikes fit my needs perfectly and are fun to ride :)

  5. if you don’t have the fitness or the know-how to ride a trail then maybe
    you shouldn’t ride a trail. Not with a normal bike and neither with an
    e-bike. It’s dangerous.
    Now commuting is whole different story. Go ahead, knock yourself out.

  6. i like pedaling, i will never even try one of these. there are motorcycles,
    why put this on a bike… no way this is the future.

  7. One thing I noticed early on when I got back in to cycling for commuting
    and pleasure is that there are a lot of snobs who will trash anyone who
    doesn’t do it their way. Of course these are the same people who pad their
    shorts instead of their seats in a effort to save weight. Weird. 

  8. I disagree with everyone saying that ebikes are for the lazy or old people.
    I have both. I use the ebike when I used to use a car ( for long distances
    when I don’t want to get sweaty etc.) I use the normal bike more too..

  9. To oinky: I have ridden across the US by bicycle, done numerous centuries,
    and have done cycling tours in France, Italy, and New Zealand. All
    non-electric of course. I recently built my own ebike using an old mtn bike
    and I use that to commute. I have done the ride to work many times on a
    regular bike but the ebike allows me to get home quicker to be with my
    family. I hope to pretty much stop driving to work. Just my way of doing my
    part to fight climate change.

  10. I have the 29 inch Haibike and its amazing. Battery takes you up to about
    16mph after you are on your own. Having covered 23 miles with a bike group
    from Worthing, Sussex a couple of months ago I realised it was worth every
    penny as I was able to keep up and even leave them behind going up hills
    and this is despite being in a car accident 2 years ago and now being
    disabled with leg and foot and arm problems. On my normal mountain bike I
    would have made it to the first hill and been left behind or if Id have
    made the route ( which I wouldn’t ) it would have taken all day as opposed
    to 3 hours. Thinking of a mountain e bike. Just get it as you will love
    it.. Guaranteed!

  11. Only the Lazy or old…really? What about people who can only bike a short
    distance because of a partial disability? How this would add to their
    quality of life!

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