Electric Battery Powered Huffy Bicycle using Crystalyte Phoenix Cruiser 7240 kit – 5304 hub motor

Electric assist motorized bicycle using an old 1990’s vintage Huffy and an ElectricRider (www.electricrider.com) Crystalyte Phoenix Cruiser 7240 – 5304 front…
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15 thoughts on “Electric Battery Powered Huffy Bicycle using Crystalyte Phoenix Cruiser 7240 kit – 5304 hub motor

  1. Powerful motor on the front means fatigue cracks WILL appear on the down
    tube just just behind head tube. It WILL snap suddenly without warning. You
    will not get any visible signs of cracking. It happened to me after riding
    6000 kilometers. Look at my picture. I was lucky not to break any bones.
    Get a rear hub motor!

  2. @0urGaia Tire friction on a motorized front wheel self-limits the torque on
    the front forks. (See my burn-out videos). The tire breaks traction easily
    on hard acceleration. Besides, front forks are designed to take the torque
    generated during full braking and even over-braking to the point of
    flipping the bike, although admittedly that torque is experienced in hard

  3. I have a Trek 720, not top of the line, but not junk. My front brakes will
    throw me over the handlebars, it happened to me several years ago and like
    I said, I adjusted my front brakes way out and really don’t even use them
    and rely 90% on the back brakes unless I really need the extra stopping
    power. I am also very tall (6’3″) and with 700mm wheels and the seat raised
    to proper height (able to lift my foot about 1″ from the top of the high
    point of the pedal), my center of gravity is high.

  4. @ultradestruction – I had a professional bike shop lace the 12 gauge spokes
    from the hub motor to a quality double walled 26″ rim. I do not feel
    qualified to perform that task myself. A LOT of eBikers do their oen spoke
    lacing and have been very successful. There is no reason why that a 27″ rim
    couldn’t be laced to a 530x hub motor. People on the “Endless Sphere”
    website do it all the time, often with smalled rear rims on a rear hub
    motor to increase torque to do wheelies.

  5. @christo930 It takes several seconds (which seems like an eternity) to
    stop. I upgraded the brakes to bulldog rim brakes with stickier brake pads,
    but they still stink of burning rubber during a hard stop. The original
    Huffy brakes collapsed and broke during a panic stop when a truck pulled
    out in front of me while I was only going about 20MPH. I don’t recommend
    rim brakes for ebikes, but this old Huffy has no provisions for disc
    brakes. BTW, this Huffy can reach 57MPH now at 132v, same motor.

  6. I would, as long as the bike is in good shape. In the world of money drag
    racing on the street it is called a sleeper, a junking looking car with a
    high power motor, power train and slicks. There is no reason to convert the
    bike to electric as a matter of the fact the frame can probably handle the
    weight and torque of the power system better. It is fun to experiment go
    for it.

  7. How quickly can you stop? How many feet does it take to for you to stop
    from 30mph? Are you using standard rim based huffy brake shoes?

  8. I have 27 inch tires rather than 26 inch. Is it possible for me to buy the
    hub without the wheel, or the 26inch wheel comes with the hub?

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