Electric Bicycle Driving Test; 1st 40km Travel with Friction Drive (5065 outrunner brushless)

This is my first e-bike friction drive kit design. http://easykitsport.blogspot.kr/ As a prototype, I’m doing some driving test, This video is first 40km tra…
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4 thoughts on “Electric Bicycle Driving Test; 1st 40km Travel with Friction Drive (5065 outrunner brushless)

  1. i got confuse with your e bike story against what i know how to calculate
    dc motor running time with battery.
    according to your story:
    At normal e motor speed plus pedaling(35km/h), 15~20amp draws. 22.2v x
    20a=444w motor power.
    u said 6s(22.2v) x 8000 mah=177.6w battery. 177.6/444=0.4 hr(24min) motor
    can running.
    35km/h x 0.4 hr=14 km u can go. if u want to go 40km distance.40km/35km=
    1.14hr x 444w =506.16w 506.16w/22.2v=22.8a=22800mah battery u need.
    but, if u still want to go 40km with 6s 8000mah battery.u can use e motor
    upto 24min(14km).and then u have to pedal ur bike until u get 40km distance.
    if u want ur motor to keep on running from start to the final distance,
    u need to control ur throttle to make sure the motor running amp must be
    less than 7amps(not 15-20 amps,155.4watt) and pedaling has to reach running
    speed at 35km/h.
    less than 250w motor can not help that much .but, better than nothing.

  2. I don’t understand how your friction drive automatically moves towards the
    tire and forces pressure on it. Can you explain this to me, please?
    At first I thought there is some kind of servo, but there isn’t. Is it
    maybe the motors torque which moves the whole construction towards the tire?

    Thanks in advance and congratulations for your really nicely constructed
    friction drive system. I love it!

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