Electric bike off road south border

Sphere endless meet two walks away from the road for an e-bike lead to high-speed adventure. The fire trails were pretty dusty, but the e-bikes they are well treated. A …
Video Rating: 4/5

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9 thoughts on “Electric bike off road south border

  1. I love the new Boobar width away before derailleur gear lever and replaced the rear rocker on the left with a rotating handle 7 reports. Much nicer look cleaner. Still wondering if I install the rain, many break down these mountains. – Temporarily no son.

  2. Lifepo4 still on – I’m looking Lipo though – most guys on this trip are on it. so much smaller and lighter – not sure if I Lipo Genin stranded near my house because my family. perhaps soon, when I build an outdoor workshop. Yes, it was a fun ride Brisbane Australia – so happy to be able, from my house to come up here. Just not much for the battery stopped stuff from the road. 6ah go on and come back and let me play 3-4.

  3. I am selling this bike $ 4,000 if anyone is interested, I usually take on the road. Reason for selling is I want to build a faster bike off-road. This Fahrradist a baby on the way I run, unless someone wants to buy it.

  4. Great video, a real sense of speed and a beautiful part derWelt. Can you tell me if you still use the LiFePo4 chemistry oderSie have became king lipo packs ala hobby? Thank you.

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