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  1. Do you have to pay the parking meter if you park in a car lane… How do
    you lock it up on the street? Should I lock the evoke to a tree?

  2. I love my electric bike and my electric car, nothing better than charging
    them with my solar system…stop buying dark energy and being a dark energy
    troll! Own your own fuel

  3. they never gave the brand name?? they said 40 mile capacity?? i dought it–
    ,more like 20-25 mile with a full charge.
    NUT– if that is true– who makes it — and how much$$ is retail– and
    where are the retailers> no links to the any sites.. 

  4. no license, no insurance, no registration YET
    The way government controls everything the people will have to be
    registered to breath one day

  5. Thinking about buying one but….Will an E-Bike be better i mean i can push
    an E-Bike faster with pedalling power and motor power running both at the
    same time, While i hear this thing is difficult to pedal due to the pedals
    being so far apart but then again is cheaper to go this route….The E-Bike
    i was looking at from E-motion is about $3000!!!

  6. Hey Buffyyunal, I just got a bike from Jbikes.ecrater.com about 3 months
    ago & this dirt bike is sickk… drives amazing.. It took about 8 days to
    get to my house … Thumbs up 🙂

  7. They are awkward to pedal. The pedals areon the unit to qualify it as a
    bike in Florida. You can pedal – but it is hard because the pedals are to
    far apart (width).

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