Electric BMX Bike

Electric Diamondback Joker. 1kW motor running at 2kW. This is the kit we are runnning: http://leafbike.com/products/diy-bike-conversion-kit/20-inch-electric-hub-motor-kit/newest-version-20-inch-48…

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10 thoughts on “Electric BMX Bike

  1. sooo 12v 2/4A battary in the backpack and a 230v DC converter and then to
    to the 1kW motor?
    1. you might burn the motor (you did smell your shoes and then you checked
    the motor, next time it could be the motor)
    2. I assume you use a car battary in that case this is a bmx for fun not
    for mileage/transportation, eitherway good job!

  2. Hey man this is cool I love ur video ! We’re did u get all ur parts from
    and and how much did it cost u ? 

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