10 thoughts on “Electric Brompton Video Review – Custom Folding Electric Bike from NYCeWheels

  1. that’s great job..i ve two questions because my english is not so good and
    maybe i don’t understand something!
    How many kilos does involve this kind of transformation?and how can much is
    thanks and many congratulation for your wonderful job!

  2. I like folding bikes, but I fund not really suitable it with electrical
    motor. The main things about folding bicycles is that they are light, and
    usually owners of folding bikes don’t pedal too far, so no sense in
    electrical power.. 

  3. I appreciate your review of this, as I’ve been curious. I think that how it
    folds and you can move it like a shopping cart is so great.

  4. Hi I really like your channel I have one request/tip/wish it would be great
    if you film the bikes not only on the bike itself but also from a outer
    perspective to see how they like while getting rided that would be nice!

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