Electric car vs bike: Citroen Survolt vs Agni Z2

Electric car vs bike: Citroen Survolt vs Agni Z2

We’ve already shown video of Citroen’s electric-powered Survolt concept car, and now it takes on an electric Agni Z2 motorcycle in the world’s first electric…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 thoughts on “Electric car vs bike: Citroen Survolt vs Agni Z2

  1. i will never get used to the sound of… Nothing… when they start
    racing. in the future we will say, there was a time when the car took of
    the starting grid roaring, and every man, even a mile away, had a smile on
    his face…

  2. Holy crap that was the slowest professional race of all time.

    If you want to show off sporty electric technology, don’t drive around
    tracks at 40mph. Cameras low to the ground can only do so much.

  3. seriously, if you’re going to build a bike with 65hp, be that gas or
    electric, don’t make it look like a superbike… it makes the whole thing
    look childish and fake. Make it a naked bike or something else.

  4. Man I was just playing Asphalt 8 on my iPod and I decided to search up
    Citroen Survoit. And it’s an actual car!!! Wow, this car is amazing!! This
    is a lightning runner!!

  5. Wat e fuck ben jij dit is geen race voor jullie dat is aleenmaar poep een
    beetje low doen gaa een vrouwe sport doen dit is voor mannen klaar

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