14 thoughts on “Electric Recumbent Bicycle Test

  1. I think this video is great! I have a rotator pursuit recumbent (no assist)
    and I routinely get up to 40 mph on level ground, because I can create over
    1,000 watts for several minutes. Downhill I have reached 62mph. Motorcycle
    are much more dangerous than this guys bike. They weigh hundreds of pounds
    and you are likely to go head first in an accident. I have laid my bike
    down at nearly 40mph with a few scratches. In a race, I saw another
    recumbent hit a tree at nearly the same speed. He

  2. The video shows the bike going 42 mph on a level street parallel to the
    ocean. The bike goes uphill very well. I climbed a 950 foot hill in Palos
    Verdes, California to an alternative energy festival about as fast as a
    friend made it driving his Prius. He was very surprised to see me enter at
    the same time as himself. The downside is that if you let this monster
    motor provide most of the torque then you’re going to break spokes (I broke
    a spoke later that day going up another hill).

  3. @MrHobiecat the last thing I would do is apologize to a narrow minded turd
    such as yourself. You didn’t mention how clean your yard was either. Never
    in your life have YOU broken any LAW? Really? This man is a pioneer IMHO
    … a great one at that. The allowed 20 mph (read the actual law jerk) for
    pedal assist is meant to suppress those wanting to go around petrol,
    period. So you sit back, obey the LAW like a good little boy and let the
    rest of us get busy moving this tech forward.

  4. @MrHobiecat My logic and reasoning underwhelming? Standard pedal bicycles
    “mix it up with traffic” every day as do motorcycles. They have no crumple
    zones … air bags etc. You can do better than that HC. As for the EV1,
    please rent “Who killed the electric car” to help shed some light. The Leaf
    ends up costing aprox 25k after incentives. At that cost, most Americans
    will stick with their gas burners. You must get in a long line to buy one.
    Not speaking for NRG. Assassination?

  5. ….. He walked away uninjured, because a recumbent is feet first instead
    of head first. My neighbor, in contrast, broke his back trying to maneuver
    his Harley at 5 mph. People die in cars and motorcycles every day. Choose
    your poison…. FYI, if you go slow and stay on the curb, more drivers will
    pass you and try to run you off the road. Take a lane and ride near the
    speed limit…… They will pass you less and in a safer manor. This is
    what almost all the recumbent riders know.

  6. hi nxt ! thanks for the input – in this video you are pedalling and running
    the electric motor at the same time ? i ran into a guy walking from
    conneticut to taos nm with a 3 wheeled joggers baby carriage – he had
    fitted it out with a 30 gal sterilite case to put a tent in & carry food &
    water – i would have joined him & his dog ( cheaper to travel with & alot
    fewer problems than a woman ) ( smile ) – i would have made modifications
    to a motorized trike – do you think that is possible ? …

  7. rebelhostrider: The Crystalyte motor was sourced from a vendor selling
    these fine Chinese made motors. If I were to do it over again I would
    purchase the high torque only version (not the dual mode version). It would
    thus save weight. I almost always used it in high torque mode for the
    quickest acceleration. Likewise, the battery can be sourced from many
    sellers on Ebay. I recommend 48V, 15Ah. The 72V I had on this bike produced
    a top speed I rarely used. 15-20Ah will give a longer range.

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