21 thoughts on “electric trike banned from national parks sun ez3 usx electric recumbent trike delta trike

  1. Cool ride! They wouldn’t think of banning a wheelchair or a mobility
    scooter. Just because the guy wants to ride around on something that
    doesn’t make him stand out as handicapped is no reason to try and stop him.

  2. Usual :pay the pig thugs: bit to do something that most people take for
    granted and is free to them. Also, those back rims need truing, thats all…

  3. Helmets are a freedom of choice. Government has no right to tell us what to
    wear. Leave our personal liberties alone. RIGHT TO CHOOSE!

  4. Great story, I am glad to see the National Park System gave him a permit! I
    raised a daughter that is deaf and has epilepsy. I hope they are also
    issuing a companion permit, as many people with challenges require
    assistance. In my daughters case it was sign language and first aid for
    seizures. For this gentleman and others may the small things you enjoy
    doing be possible!

  5. Trikes have a problem with rear wheels. My trikes never have this kind of
    problem. I use v rims and 36 spoke wheels. Also,a lean to steer trike seems
    better for uneven surfaces.with the rider lower and safer. Motor mounted as
    front hub and batteries behind seat. I’ve been building recumbents for many
    years. Sun cycles needs a better designer…

  6. EMHO3 – Watch who you are calling an idiot mushroom head. Those things are
    common sense and the government has no right to make criminals out of
    someone who chooses not to do so. Smart people do, but there are situations
    where you don’t have to do so. You are a commie liberal democrat who wants
    to return to a Hitler or Moa type system of total government rule.

  7. hope this guy wins…cripes, if schools can be forced to allow boys who
    want to wear dresses to the prom and be elected queen of the prom, then
    those with real problems should be able to have fun too.!!!! and what about
    the older folks who need a little assist to be able to enjoy biking on park

  8. Pigs and bureaucrats who CONSTANTLY violate FREE citizens’ Civil Rights!
    The pinecone narc was simply being a powerwonkflaminganus

  9. @denswin Actually though, the “Hitler” system was based on personal
    responsibility and honor; not nanny statism — e.g., the Reich brought back
    dueling, which (as far as I recall from my readings) was outlawed during
    the Weimar Republic. Here’s a nice online article: “How Hitler Consolidated
    Power in Germany” It doesn’t mention dueling, per se, but gives you an idea
    of life in the Reich. It might explain why true patriots like Ford, Kennedy
    and Lindbergh favored good relations w/ Germany.

  10. Good job, Don, keep fighting! I would like to give you an important
    recommendation: that’s a COOL vehicle you’ve got there! Mistakes happen
    randomly, Don, & your motorbike can CRASH TOO! You need to be wearing a
    helmet, protecting your head! Take My Advice, Don, you’ll live safer &

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