6 thoughts on “Electric VS. Gas Bicycle

  1. A note on specs. for those interested. Electric motor is brushless Hub
    motor in rear tire. The 3, 48w, SLA batteries are between yer knees in the
    “motor-shaped” removable plastic housing. I went with Sealed Lead-Acid
    batteries for more torque- burnt out the first fuse & gained @ 8 km/hr with
    20 amp North American auto fuse, size = duct-tape on cap. Averages 38-40
    km/hr & has hit just over 50. 340+ km so far. Gas motor is Z2-80 kit.
    Actually 66 cc two-stroke. made by Rico Group, bought via e-bay.

  2. Very cool !! So what are the details about the motor ? What size , where do
    you buy them? Which do you think is most powerful or will last longest?

  3. Let me add that I have put only @ 40 km on gas bike since getting started
    but it goes fast. I will have to string-measure front tire & reprogram
    speedo cuz it’s obviously off. Motored Bikes.com is my Fave bike-site so
    check it out …. Mucho INFO !!! Notice the guy in the black car near the
    end of the vid? It’s a 60 km/hr zone, he’s gotta be doing 70 & I swear he
    was checking his speedo & was clocking me as he passed, That Cat-Eye speedo
    HAS to be wrong. By all means, have fun, on yer bike.

  4. What if you had both a gas motor and and electric hub wheel on a bike.
    That’s what I’m going to do when I build a velomobile. 2 electric hub
    motors in front and a 66cc gas motor in back. All surounded by a DIY
    cloroplast velo shell

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