Electrified VANMOOF 3 Video – elegant city electric bike style, minimalist design

The http://electricbikereview.com/vanmoof/electrified-3/ VANMOOF Electrified 3 has a hub motor circuit 250 watts at the front and a Shimano Automatix (aut …
Video Rating: 4/5

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9 thoughts on “Electrified VANMOOF 3 Video – elegant city electric bike style, minimalist design

  1. if I could, I would do the flashing lights take the position and remove the battery könntedie. They have not thought it all through. and shorten konntedas tube top by all a bit broader. as I said – they thought held throughout the ball. similar to a prototype. but the train is really nice.

  2. clean and simple. I like it because it’s the attention vondas means there is less chance of sprouting legs and “walk” is deleted eseigenen ….

  3. System Nice and electric transmission system, but why awefully with this ugly part ??? If this is a new idea for the production of bicycles unattractive to thieves, Idont agreement

  4. A kind of dopey looking IMHO bike. I like the idea of ​​batteries in top tube, but this is beyond the office and not aussiehtrechts tubes.

  5. `D say he built a great potential in the arrow-shaped handle GPS ..so I guess I have something important with this electric bike designers make. You need it? This is the generation of baby boomers, will buy seindiese kind of US $ 2,500 to US $ 5,000 electric bikes. and eswerde those old people who buy these electric bikes as they bewegenin the retirement age .. (and enjoy life snowbird their last 20+ YEARS OF YOUR LIFE) Certainly they need for electric bicycle young generations to do, but it will be our older people will be to feed these electrostatic Motor Bike and these designers need to know about the form of the physical body to think of us more (he faced the set speed record countries over the last 50) But we pay the price! We don`t turn the flexibility of our muscles more than children younger grandchildren of people do! Ya gotta remember? We, the elderly have very diligently been introduced into computer code sitting on chairs that Internet systems ProgrammeGPS Google Earth, making this type of technology possible GPSTracking technolgy etc etc nano-sized computer appliances for IT consulting to design technologies Fahrradfür metal alloy. (Alchemy) was not yet dead? and we are the generation that built all! (`T they physical forms of their elders who worked respektierenihr life away for their children and grandchildren would have a better world heritage?) If you think about it and try to build something comfortable elderly füruns? The 24-inch 3-wheel trikes 250 volts 450 volts etc insults unsAlten (will you be lucky if you run to the local grocery store with electric juice Esvon ..Haben this designer they really want seniors undfest juice sitting on the side of the road, not to be with their food? ego adjustments that would prove no respect for their elders to be. Because I know füreine fact, the technology is available Sie.also we need more seats and electric power 30 + 40 + miles mitout with the pedals.:-)

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