6 thoughts on “ELV Ultra Motors A2B electric bikes

  1. Me in front of a 49cc Honda Metropolitan years in family ownership. He was 93 mpg. They cost $ 2049heute. Insurance is $ 300 / year. Fuel costs for 6000 miles per year $ 186.45. The only advantage to the EV requires no registration. VE are calmer undkann kept in the barn. The EV battery lasts 500 cycles up to 20 miles (10K miles) for $ 650. This is $ 650 more in energy costs per year after the first year. I love electric vehicles. I can not afford the high cost of batteries in. Some electric vehicles make sense financially. The A2B not for me

  2. Lol @ $ 700 00Mandingo00 the battery only lasts one year in the Ultra Motor website they say that the bike sold for only $ 3,000 I mean it’s a way Gebenein, competitive price lol. A $ 1,000 engines seinvon King would be extremely tronsportation, I’ll buy one when totaled $ 1,000

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