External Battery Charger Deluxe RAVPower Bank 13000mAh Portable Power Pack for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 (flash cable not included), 4S, 4, iPad Air, iPad 4, 3, 2, 2 Mini, Mini, iPod; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note 2 Note 3; Nexus 7, 5 Nexus, Nexus 4; HTC EVO, Thunderbolt, Droid Incredible DNA; Motorola ATRIX, Droid; LG Optimus [Prenium Samsung batteries, matte finish, two phone ports] – Black

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3 thoughts on “External Battery Charger Deluxe RAVPower Bank 13000mAh Portable Power Pack for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5 (flash cable not included), 4S, 4, iPad Air, iPad 4, 3, 2, 2 Mini, Mini, iPod; Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note 2 Note 3; Nexus 7, 5 Nexus, Nexus 4; HTC EVO, Thunderbolt, Droid Incredible DNA; Motorola ATRIX, Droid; LG Optimus [Prenium Samsung batteries, matte finish, two phone ports] – Black

  1. 14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    title Very spacious external battery 18 September 2014
    The bottom line on RAVPower battery: it works in the past, I have tried several different power backup for my gadgets and I have mixed results, but there is no ambiguity on this battery. .. it is great, efficient, versatile and well developed, it is an external battery mid-range in terms of capacity (with respectable costs 13,000 mAh), yet it is much smaller than some of its larger near-competitors.
    this charger, I decided to test my small electronics completely empty If I get a cleaner picture of the effectiveness of this battery as I can. (By the way, if they really want to discharge are consumer electronics has increased in recent years, really strong. It took a lot longer than I thought. I had to skip the music my iPhone for hours …) I find that I save able to completely reload all my small appliances that consume a lot of energy. Most of them I could several times, and with USB ports for charging double, can charge two devices simultaneously. A full charge takes between one and two hours. I tested the battery with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S Kindle Paperwhite, Mobee Magic Bar, Jabra SPORT Bluetooth stereo headset and iPad Mini. Often, I could fully charge four or five devices with RAVPower battery fully charged. I am also completely recharge able twice to my iPad Mini. If there an easy way to connect to a battery Ultrabook I would not be surprised if it were possible, they provide reasonable and invoiced amount.
    RAVPower This battery is also very well designed. You would not be ashamed to be seen with this battery at a conference with the latest technology. The battery is very easy to use and operate, and overall very intuitively designed.
    I am very pleased and impressed with this rechargeable external battery. It is effective and easy to carry. It is a little on the high end in terms of price in this category, but not without reason, that. I think the extra cost in this case, it may be worth. I travel a lot to recommend or use their gadgets on the road all the time. It can even be carried in your bag during your daily commute – it will not add extra weight
    ***** examine the product provided by the manufacturer .. *****


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    title An external battery flawless of October 2, 2014

    Mobile devices and tablets are becoming more, but the batteries are not, which is why it is almost essential to an external battery as the third generation RAVPower Deluxe 13000mAh 15000mAh External Batteries wear or materials ▶ package.
    • RAVPower RP-PB22
    External Battery • USB to micro-USB Micro-USB charging cable •
    on the 30-pin connector Samsung
    • Micro-USB to mini-USB
    • Travel Pouch • User
    harbor ▶ Accessories
    Since RAVPower RP-PB22 (13000mAh) and RP -PB19 (15000mAh) are both the “Deluxe” series, they get more accessories than others RAVPower batteries (or external batteries in general). With a micro-USB cable is supplied as standard with external batteries, but these batteries have both a carrying case and two micro USB connector micro USB cable.
    To begin with, I still love company, which is common to use a non-exclusive cable because they are easily accessible, if ever lost or stolen, but also with two connectors that convert micro-USB as icing on the cake. I’ve never seen a Micro-USB to mini-USB or Samsung 30 pin to see these caps were a real treat. It will be very useful because they save space on the trips that I have to wear mini-USB
    usually additional technical
    cable ▶ • Model :. RP-PB22
    • Input: DC 5V / 1.5A output
    • Smart 1: USB (5V / 1A-2.4A)
    • Smart Exit 2 (USB 5V / 1A-2.1A )
    • Dimensions: 127 x 81 x 22mm
    • Net Weight: 306g / 10.8 oz
    • Capacity: 13000mAh / 48.1Wh
    • Operating Temperature: 0 ° C – 45 ° C temperature
    • Storage: -10 ° C – 45 ° C
    ▶ If you decide 13000mAh 15000mAh batteries and between RAVPower so that differences in the size and weight is negligible, the 15000mAh battery can be 1mm larger, but we could not really tell the difference unless you have both batteries against each other. Both have two USB ports on chip, micro-USB charging port, and a push button to activate either the charging LED (instant release) or LED “flashlight” (Press for 2 seconds). Although almost all manufacturers of single farm tent, a “torch” to add their external batteries, remember that it is just a trick. The LED is visible only in one or both feet; If you are looking for a LED flashlight, then buy one separately.
    ingenious construction, the curved blue and black with silver trim and soft edges LED display makes it an aesthetically batteries (and my favorite). RAVPower kept the style of their latest generation 12000mAh battery and improves their ability
    LED display :.
    • 4 LEDs = 75% – 100%
    • 3 LEDs = 50% – 75%
    • 2 LED = 25% – 50%
    • 1 LED = & amp; amp; lt; ▶ 25%
    • Charge the Power Bank
    1. Connect the micro USB end of the charger cable to the food bank
    2 ..
    Connect the USB charging cable to a USB power source 3 .. The charging process starts automatically.
    The battery flashes when the food bank is responsible, and to be fully charged again.
    • Charge mobile devices
    1. Connect to the food bank
    the USB charging cable 2 .. Connect. the other end of the charger cable to your device
    3. Power Bank will automatically detect your device and automatically begins charging
    Food Bank will stop charging and turns off when the camera is fully loaded
    Note: Not all banks .. network automatically. After the battery is automatically turned off to conserve a very good function in external battery external battery. ▶ Test
    is a great efficiency with my Nexus 7 (2013) with Android and sporting a 3950mAh battery L. Since the external battery test, I had to perform several experiments. Since several studies are conducted, there is a chance that the external battery is discharged. I’m ready, indulgent to the usual 60% to 65% efficiency, external battery load
    time – Nexus 7% fee
    • Experiment 1 :.
    16.11 to 20% from 10.12 to 45%

    11.01 to 72% from 14.01 to 92%

    2.25 to 100% Total
    Experiment 1 Duration: 3 hours 9 minutes (3:15)
    • Experiment 2:
    22 hours 24-10h55
    40% – 59%
    11: 54-12: 40
    90% – 100%
    Test 2 Total Time: 2 hours 16 minutes (2:27)
    • Experiment 3: 09.15 to 0%

    9:43 – 9:51
    16% – 21%
    11:01 – 44%
    2.12 to 70%
    1.01 to 94% (excluding battery RAVPower) Total
    Experiment 3: 3 … Read the code

  3. 13 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    title A very nice, solid piece of hardware. … , 11 September 2014
    This is a standard power bank for backup the battery or charge your portable device.
    I like the fact that there is no on / off switch (they are useless, I find this type of equipment) and it seems to make short work of loading my Ipad Air. The main issues for these types of devices is the ability (in highly rated 13000mAh) and longevity (500 cycles, which is also very good – but ultimately unverifiable for review). 🙂
    The build quality is excellent and the USB and inserts seems secure.
    I’ve used this brand before and found it was excellent so I doubt it will also keep well.
    technology iSmart I’m not really and I think one of the ports will do for most devices. In general, a device amp draw available and require no paper and I’m sure they promote their own brands (I could be wrong, but in most cases, the 2.4 Amp Port will be fine), I use the flashlight a bit gimmicky, but it is actually in handmade happened the other night then maybe find producers know more than me!
    The device is thin, it fits in your pocket or your computer bag case of the tablet, and it only uses a generic USB cable which is great if you happen to be a movement, because they do cost cheap to replace. Overall a solid device, as I said (and performs a flashlight when you need that)


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