17 thoughts on “Ezip Trailz electric bike 2010 model review tips & specs and are for sell

  1. Awesome review, one of the best for this bike that I’ve seen. While a lot
    of the other videos just list off specs, this video went the extra mile. I
    felt like I was a customer who just bought the bike and the bike expert was
    going through the details of how i should set up, operate and maintain my
    bike to get the most out of it. 

  2. @Bill0254 That is correct like Bill said It is around $110 for the SLA
    battery but As of right now the manufacture is offering a new 24 Volt / 5
    AH LI-Ion pack that weighs in at 6 lbs that is a 11 pounds less and it
    should last at lest 4 times longer than the SLA it sells for $350 and comes
    with its own charger. Good investment? Time will tell. Teammxm

  3. If you guys are looking for a cheap electric bike that can go somewhere
    look at Prodeco, and/or get the LI-ion battery instead of the sealed lead

  4. grate info, thanks,,i cant make my mind up weather to get that bike or buy
    a cruzer bike from wallmart and put a curry hub front wheel drive kit on
    it..would be a little moor exspencive..thanks.

  5. THX for video, live in Alturas, ca almost the wilderness, walmart nearest
    klamath or 100 mi or Rena nv 200 mi .. so your info was invaluable to me ..
    Gots a used one ??

  6. @tonhogg1 Just to get over the James River on the 160 it’s a 100 foot drop
    and then 100 feet back up. I’d take an electric motor to help out there any

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