3 thoughts on “Folding and electric bicycle news story – Los Angeles – 2009

  1. iu hope this didnt air in 2011… if this news story did, its a little
    late.. people all over the world have been using electric folding bikes for
    the past ten years, and folding bikes have been around for 40+ years

  2. it is not illigal anywhere in th USA. because its in a grey line. They same
    thing that make electric bikes illigal is the same thing that makes
    electric wheelchairs illegal, and there are no regulations on these LOw
    powered 20cc type motors so it makes them legal as well

  3. @donorclay what city state province and country did this happen in, and
    what exactly was the citation for(it would help to know the number of the
    code tht was violated so people can research what happen)? In Los Angeles,
    I have not heard of anyone having that problem you describe. However, a
    person riding these must always still obey traffic laws.

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