4 thoughts on “Folding Electric Bike Road Bike v Up the hill!

  1. For those who think it’s cheating, I would say. I hope you will develop health problems or age related that prevent you from enjoying cycling könnten.Wenn you find that you can not ride over hill and it will happen on every FallSie, perhaps you should stop cycling and electric mobility scooter instead, so no one can accuse you of “fraud”, I guess you do not have that tundenken scooters may also Betrug.Oder be whoever you believe sindsollte not as young or fit you just stay at home, on a chair, rather than having a little help vonein electric bike, it allows you to keep the bike. E-bikes are not cheating, they do not compete for commuters.

  2. This is exactly why I love my ebike. The lady at the ebike is Ausübungund enjoy the view while sitting comfortably while the man tries to keep blowing schnaufendund swing folded. I know what I would choose every day 🙂

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