Free Energy. Calorie for electricity. Charging a battery bank with exercise bikes

A few people on You-Tube were before this project, but the lighting a few lights for a few minutes is not very practical. How about charging the batteries. Save energy for later use ….

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20 thoughts on “Free Energy. Calorie for electricity. Charging a battery bank with exercise bikes

  1. The idea is good, but I use an old motor with a generator as follows andit takes many hours with 1.5 horsepower to recharge the batteries, I’m having loads of videos to prove my point. It would start seinsogar absolutely exhausting available to provide help. As he says, he can do it in an upright position for 20 to erhaltenmin 4 or 5 amps, if the battery of 100 amp hour, it was flat take 20 hours to 5 amps at new recharge. It is always a good invention if,

  2. Why not electric cars that the “Tesla” or the idea em all go today in the wheels of the car to infinity. Or at least, allow an electric car to go much further than ever expected. ???

  3. It is free unless you get free food, although I think it would be cool, in gyms, where power in the exercise equipment should be used anyway lost.

  4. ok I have 4 22ha batteries for an electric motor 48 V. What kind vonLichtmaschine I need to do things like game? I can go benutzenund a bike over 25 mph. Yep, it’s an electric bike conversion. I got it. In Serieeinrichten Did you plug each battery to the alternator or only 1 1Batterie wire and let it run through the series?

  5. What would be cooler in my opinion is verdrahtenso a car to a person that every time the car’s brakes are applied, a little clutch engages underlaubt a path of the transmission line schaltendie the generator not only recharge batteries, but also adds a bit of braking! It istFreie energy which is normally converted to the friction / heat and wear of the brake pads! Shame on us for not having this as an option for our vehicles with zubeginnen! For example, the stored energy can be used to power internal for fans while you heat tapes in a company for a while, or even the power to keep the car if it hot off for short periods of time, during dates couriers, etc. or even charge the car battery alternator some relief from the drudgery should? gleichzusetzenverbesserte gas mileage!

  6. Mr. Rost, I can recommend a direct drive washing machine motor and a rectifier 3-phase 200W hand crank I managed, and I do not doubt konntePedal much.

  7. Sr hi how the switch works all the time ,, or after Sieturne voltage down? thenks proyect is good and I try Gona, a bauendougther for my ,,

  8. They are one of the few who have a realistic energy consumption and limit the power of the pedal. Although I think a multi-speed bike would be better inauf long term. Beautiful video.

  9. Your blue cable is connected to the power resistor Ohm 20 watt 8 directly … So what gray stripes between the blue wire and resistance ??? Your blurred video really bad, 07.33 clock, and I can not see that Verbindungda … How did you fix resistance blue, son welding, clips or * ___ *? Can I use the red cable from the battery to the alternator to attach the link directly to the meter ??? video … Free Energy, Calorie for electricity. Charging a battery bank mitHeimtrainer

  10. MucusFelidae battery-diesel can be a deep cycle battery, how they use diesel to keep warm glow. Online Games batteries normal cars need to start the car for short to extinguish massive 600 watts or more (50 amps) gusts. If you have a garage, you can see the light Anund how long your battery can propel. Do not charge evenly. A battery will usually accept, 1C and convert almost all that aufLagerung chemicals, but the battery will fall by 70%.

  11. It would probably be more effective in a labor camp near bauenzu a coal mine and make me coal combustion turbine plant in a traditional steam engine.

  12. I wonder if you have a diode placed on the autinator powere stoppenvon emission power batteries back to him. ps: sorry for the bad spelling nice vid

  13. very nice! take a look at my video on energy savings, as well) side against the taste is greatly appreciated!

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