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  1. I found this great video on Youtube. This is a very nice renovation project undinteressante a beach cruiser bicycle. Rebuild your own cruiser is one of the best ways to get a bike that is truly unique. Erhaltenvon a way that it gives you the opportunity to express your true personality cruiser bike I know many of us, but these plans never thought was really started. I hope this short video gives you some inspiration and also recommend to start with the remodeling project. Do you begin to see that the work on a bike is nichtso complicated is the whole of the front right mechanism and should put Sieirgendwann, there is enough information on the Internet to help you complete the project. For many of us, it’s now the middle of winter and biking No option at the moment, so spend some time in the garage and machensich an amazing bike for the next Saison.Stellen Imagine how about a bike you have to feel the reconstruction cross, cycling stocks just does not compare. You dieFreiheit using only parts and accessories that you like and not those that the original manufacturers use to keep the price of the bike down.

  2. The bike is going to be bad, and @. Have you on the site lowriderbike wanted to share? They are generally not so bad if it is full on the show bikes wollendas expensive stuff lol

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