19 thoughts on “Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire – Jay Leno’s Garage

  1. This week in the Garage, +Harley-Davidson invited Jay to ride their first
    electric-engined motorcycle. Check with your local Harley dealer for a
    chance to test-drive one also!

  2. 100 years later and the problem is the same, no range at all… Until they
    make a battery that recharges quickly those products will remain useless

  3. Its great to see Harley attempting something like this because as Jay said,
    so many companies have gone because they didn’t progress. Even car
    companies have done this, Lincoln, Cadillac, Jaguar spring to mind.
    Companies that depended on an ageing demographic, which eventually died off
    leaving them with no customers. And lets face it, I don’t know anyone under
    the age of 45 who rides a Harley. So, building something which hopefully
    will bring in a younger demographic thus securing a future for the company
    can only be a good thing!

  4. Totally unpractical with that 59 mile range and very dangerous with that
    absence of noise. People will get hit frequently.

  5. The 2014 Zero S Electric Motorcycle has a range of 171 miles. And looks
    just as good, might as well just buy that

  6. I’d burn in HELL before I’d be seen on an Electrolux or any other electric
    snoozer …. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. It’s a prototype ,demo,I’m sure any production machine will get the 150 200
    mile range people would be moderately satisfied. Maybe a fuel cell option
    would help.
    What a really neat machine.

  8. Ha, Ha. That thing is so noisy I can’t hear my motorcycle. 17:30. I
    agree it’s a wrist watch for now. This is a very different issue than a
    car, IMO. The work and back bikers will like it, but there is something to
    be said about the open road on a V-Twin. It’s an experience beyond the
    money you save on the ride. Cool outlook or the future. I would get one
    for around town.

  9. Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire – Jay Leno’s Garage
    +Jay Leno’s Garage
    Published on Aug 10, 2014
    Harley is inviting you to ride their first electric-engined motorcycle and
    tell them what you think.

  10. Looks fantastic but more like a Buell than a Harley. That range is just not
    good enough though. I’m sure most people are like me, when I go for a ride
    I always seem to go be gone for longer than I intended… I’d be running
    out of power almost every day.

  11. It’s funny how most people miss the point. In this economic climate, the
    main problem is not range or how long it takes to charge, the main problem
    with all electric vehicles(motorbikes and cars) is the price.
    We all recognise that they are not ready. That they are still
    experimenting. And we are the guinea pigs they use to experiment and fund
    and ultimately improve the technology.
    The least they could do is make it cheaper!
    I’d love to have an electric vehicle today. I’d go and buy one right now.
    But not at three times the price of the equivalent petrol vehicle. I cannot
    afford that luxury.
    Make it really cheap…and I mean REALLY cheap. Same price as petrol
    vehicles and you’ll have me as a customer straight away.
    In the meantime I’ll have to take a rain check…

  12. Why did they have to make it look like a crotch rocket? Put that drive
    train in at least a VROD and it would be cooler. Better yet make it look
    like a normal Harley make an electric Fat Boy with a real world range of
    100miles or more and Harley could print their own money. 

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