13 thoughts on “High powered electric KMX trike E-bike

  1. Just curious on the cost of the setup I’ve got a custom 27 speed kmx viper
    any info on where you bought the stuff would be great. I bet that thing is
    a blast!!!

  2. I manufacture the reduction system and rear wheel sprocket adaptor to
    convert bikes and trikes to electric using Astro Flight 32 series brushless
    motors. I amm currently working on a trike that is 28hp and 90 ft pounds of
    torque at the rear wheel at 65mph. :~) I should have video of that trike in
    a few months when it is finished.

  3. Not on the pavement you see in the video. It it only 0 to 40 in that same
    4.5 seconds in front of my house. I need to go to fresh pavement and
    preheat the tire to see 50 in that time.

  4. Oh, it is actually geared for 50mph as seen in the video. I was guessing at
    45. It runs 0 to 50 in under 4.5 seconds.

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