Home Built Electric Bike

I built this bike for my wife, to test wheather it’s possible to drive a bike with an electric model aircraft motor. I found out it’s possible, but not the best or easiest way to make an electric…
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23 thoughts on “Home Built Electric Bike

  1. very impressve, but I think this motor is too small and too fast (high KV)
    for this project.
    You should use bigger motor with Lower KV like the RV-100 that I use,
    It will lower the current and Temp.

  2. RV-120 is big outrunner brushless motor ,low KV , Lightweight , good for
    electric conversions ,you can see the motor at: New electric motor
    outrunner 5kw -best bldc motor for scooter, e bike, go-kart , electric

  3. I should say you’ll need some kind of gearing anyway. Please Google:
    E-cumbent , a very ambitious project by Matt Shumaker, that ended up with a
    6kW Plettenberg RC helicopter motor. You have to ask yourself if you want a
    good and easy built e-bike with a hub-motor, or if you want a technical
    challenge by using something else.

  4. Sure, as you can see in my second video (Electric bike, part 2) the bike
    goes 52 km/h using the 7 gears. Also, the effect is redused to about 1kW by
    using 24V lead batteries instead of 48V LiPo.

  5. Som sagt så är startmomentet inte så stort med denna typ av motor. När man
    väl börjat rulla drar den dock på ganska lagom upp till ca 27km/h. Håller
    nu på att modifiera växlarna (7 st) så att jag får bättre kraft i starten
    och ändå får en maxhastighet på drygt 40km/h.

  6. Actually I WILL change the gears, although I’ll keep the lowest gear for
    uphill rides, due to the motors low momentum. (Perhaps it would also be an
    unnecessary provocation for the the brakes and police with a too high
    speed?) Also I will change batteries for more range (no pedals on this
    bike). I’m posting a new video after having done these changes. /B.R. Mats

  7. Concerning Swedish laws the e-bike motor must stop if you stop pedaling the
    bike, also the effect and speed is limited to 250W and 25 kilometers per
    hour. In fact it’s meaningless to try building a legal one. My bike is not
    very loud, but you can hear the motor running.

  8. Snyggt! Tänkte också försöka mig på att bygga en elektrisk cykel. Hur långt
    kan du åka på din? Har du registrerat den som moped eller så, behöver man

  9. @gabel13 A smaller motor or less gearing wouldn’t produce enough torque to
    start the bike, se earlier comments. If you strive for low cost and high
    efficiency a hub motor is the best soulution. However, this was more of a
    technical challenge.

  10. Tyvärr är Trafikverket regler tämligen strikta här (jag har skrivit och
    frågat). Elmotorn får inte driva om man slutar att trampa och måste slå
    ifrån vid hastigheter över 25km/h. Dessutom måste ram och bromsar vara
    godkända för motordriften. I mitt fall helt kört, då cykeln saknar trampor
    och går i 50km/h (se Electric bike part 2). Kan tänka mig att det vore
    enklare att utgå från en moped som är godkänd för motordrift från början.
    Finns dock färdiga kit för cyklar också har jag sett. Lycka till!

  11. Very interesting. I am planning to convert my bike to an Ebike. I might
    consider using a 6000W motor (just for saving me from using a gear box, not
    for the maximum speed). I really like to read about the laws of driving
    bikes in Sweden. Can you help me by directing me to them on the net, please
    ? And is yours loud enough to attract people’s attention of a weird thing
    passing by ?

  12. It’s a standard gearbox for a small industrial motor, bought from the
    company OEM. Not the most efficient, but the price was affordable.

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