10 thoughts on “Homemade BB Drive Mid Drive Electric Bicycle Update

  1. You were mostly filming from the right side of the bike, but in a couple of
    the shots it appears as if the left pedal crank is a good 2 inches out from
    the BB. With the pedal being so far away from the frame, doesn’t that put
    your knee in a very uncomfortable position? It looks like your legs have to
    be pretty far apart to ride this and would be very uncomfortable to pedal
    (assuming you are pedaling the bike and using the motor as an assist) and
    might even cause knee problems. Do you know how far exactly the pedal arm
    is from the edge of the BB?

  2. Thanks for the great video. Might learn how to use manual focus or see
    what the focal range is, then zoom in.
    Can you tell us about the costs for the different pieces and the total so
    Thanks again. Good job.

  3. You should make some of the motor mounts and sell them online. I have one
    of those motors on a rear drive set up, would love to convert it to mid
    drive but just don’t have the resources to make the mount.

  4. That’s nice work that you’ve done there. What is the wattage on that motor
    that you have on your bike and volts, amps ratings? 

  5. Can u tell me what kind off controller are you using? I have big issues
    with my motor controller driving uphill.I burned 2 of them.

  6. Awesome design do you also have a freewheel on the motor so you can Pedal
    without resistance from the motor? Also are you using your original crank
    shaft or did you have to get a different one 

  7. nice, I really like your work… This is exactly how I am making my
    bicycle, nice to see we are thinking the same way. even bought the same
    bicycle computer you have 😛
    btw, how is the motor brushes holding up?

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