16 thoughts on “How to Build a Solar Electric Assist Bike Trailer with Pop-up Sleeping Tent

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  2. Good idea and nice video, but the music… Problem Nr.1: For my own taste,
    the music is o.k. but the problem is, that whater music you use, there will
    be always people that dislike exactly this kind of music, because music is
    a matter of personal taste… Problem Nr. 2: If you would have done a
    voiceover and explained what is currently happening in the different parts
    of the video, people could have really learned how to do that by themselves
    – instead of just make us watch what you did!

  3. Any chance you could post how the trailer attaches to the bike? I think it
    works like the Bob trailer, with a vertical pivot point. How did you do

  4. awesome! a voice over and a lot less music, like someone suggested here,
    would be nice. it would make the video more universal, and i for one think
    these sort of ideas should spread as much as they can. Thank you both

  5. @DanielJPowell1 that’s amazing you saw us sleeping in it. we enjoyed that
    night…the only night we actually slept in it

  6. I’m not an engineer or anything….but….why did you place the wheels so
    far back on the trailer? It seems like a lot of weight would be transferred
    to the rear wheel of the bike instead of the 2 wheels of the trailer (if
    they were centered). Just asking……I really like this project BTW =D

  7. lithium akkus – sure ? spending 11 times more cash to save 30 kg from 240 ?
    some blow up after one year. let´s see homepage ebikes ca HS2440 61% 20
    kmph 220 km range, with lithium cells 240 km – i will try out my brand new
    lead accumulators first – maybee I have a little less kilometers because of
    the subwoofer or more because the sun is shining -> +20 km? I know lithium
    cells are faster to charge, but I sleep at night anyway.

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