10 thoughts on “HPC Folding Electric Mountain Bike Swiss Bike X70 33+ MPH!

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  2. great videos (i’ve seen your other vids too) and your machines must be
    great. wish to try it out one day.. One question: I live in France and in
    all European countries the laws on electric bikes are the same:
    elec.assistance must only be activated by the pedalling movement and
    maximum speed is (only) 25km per hour. Above 25 the engine must cut off.
    You never got any police encounter during your time in Sevilla? Or regular
    people curious about your mtb-speeder?

  3. Aloha. Is that a TOPEAK locking bag/rack system holding your battery? How
    does it hold up to the weight resting solely on the seatpost frame?

  4. I would recommend tightening the front wheel from the other side of the
    wheel and keeping the locking toggle still… That way you can tighten it
    in the direction you like when it gets tight enough instead wherever it
    ends up. Just a quick tip. I have a Montague and can’t wait to buy a
    conversion kit from hi-power cycles. I found out about your company at the
    Go Green Expo in Los Angeles.

  5. HPC bikes are expensive. but for what your getting its not bad. They custom
    make bikes to order so you get what you pay for sorta. Bikes start around
    1500. this bike should not be too bad really. Its a Montague paratrooper
    folding bike and thats already 1500. An electric setup can run as little as
    1300 dollars but as much as 4800 also. It will do 53 mph as well though.
    HPC is a high quality group. Just look up kits on the site and use the drag
    down menu. This will help with a price.

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