Human Petrol Hybrid Tadpole Trike (49cc engine / motor assisted bicycle)

Human Petrol Hybrid Tadpole Trike (49cc engine / motor assisted bicycle)

For Sale Make Offer… Is this is cool? click like and share with your facebook, friends, ect…. This is a quick video clip of my bike, almost ready for summer. My bud Mike just finished…
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17 thoughts on “Human Petrol Hybrid Tadpole Trike (49cc engine / motor assisted bicycle)

  1. I love this bike, great job man. I can’t afford to buy one but I’d like to
    build one. Where did you get the wheels, axles and bearings, or better yet
    what scooter/motorcycle were the wheels from?

  2. Most tinkers are weirdos, like Edison, or Tesla, Wright or a few dozen
    others that tried things others thought was just weird. But the best thing
    about it weirdos have a lot more fun.; )

  3. Let me know when you come out with the electric assist. Did you say that
    peddling would recharge the batteries? That would be awesome for the long
    trips; you wouldn’t have to search for an electrical outlet. What motor are
    you going to use?

  4. @CixDeuce well on my last 100 miler I munched the dereailure, so I am
    working that over. Once I log 1000 miles I will put er up for auction.

  5. @teknomage2012 I build a few of these a year and put them up for auction.
    If you are interested in a custom build contact me with your specs and let
    me know what you would like built and I will discuss it with you. Brent

  6. The wheels I obtained from themopedjunkyard . com they are tomos moped
    wheels with 16×2.75 DOT tires The thick DOT tread ensures road hazards are
    not a problem, and are very long wearing 10 maybe 20,000 miles on a set. I
    would recommend going to DOT hydraulic disc brakes, much simpler than the
    mechanical DOT drum brakes on this trike. DOT hydraulic disc brakes are all
    I am using here forward.

  7. @teknomage2012 dude that thing is awesome!!! im impressed, how much money
    went into making it? im just curious

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